Content is my passion.

I strongly believe that a good story, no matter what’s the format of choice, has a unique power to start dialogues that can humanize, empathize, educate, inspire and make people their own protagonists.

I’m an experienced professional in areas such as journalism, documentary photography and branded content, as well as a manager of teams specialized in strategic brand positioning projects.

As a journalist, I am responsible for multiple publications in media outlets such as BBC Brasil, BBC Latin America, Superinteressante, Playboy, Placar, Galileu, Guia do Estudante, Trip, VIP, Alfa e PapodeHomem.

As a photographer, I’ve held the individual exibithions “Depois da Lama”, about the aftermath of the biggest environmental crime in Brazilian history, and “Entre o confete e a luta”, about the street Carnaval of Belo Horizonte.

As a branded content editor or project leader, I was responsible for the production, execution and coordination of content projects and brand consulting. Some of my work include brands such as Sony, Natura Homem, Havaianas, IBM, Dell, TNT, Vivo, Nivea, Chivas, Banco do Brasil e Land Rover. 

Graduated in Social Communication from UFMG and Photography by Panamericana, I’ve also attended free courses in social media, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. Fluent English and intermediate level in Spanish.



Instagram @ismaeldosanjos

Telefone: (+55 11) 96153-4533